Research and development of golden onion flash materials

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The main products are color picture flash powder onion paper, corrugated flash powder onion paper, flash powder onion paper and so on. Customized samples are accepted.
Products are widely used in decoration, advertising, packaging, celebration, stationery, clothing, bags, shoes and other industries.
[New ideas]
New material main business: color picture flash powder onion paper, corrugated flash powder onion paper, flash powder onion paper three series of products, to accept samples customized
Golden onion paper is a combination of high-quality environmental protection golden onion base paper and high-quality golden onion powder. Its unique delicate feel is like the smallest sand on the beach sliding from its hands.
First of all, let's talk about Sparkling Powder onion paper. It has fine sand, coarse sand, scallion and so on. The effect of shallot powder is different. The important point is that it can be customized on demand, on demand and on demand.
The second is corrugated shiny golden onion paper, which is the favorite handmade DIY paper-cut for kindergarten children.
Then there's the color picture, shiny powder, golden onion paper, with all kinds of patterns on it, fashion does not lose its nature.
Competitiveness comes from strength
Adhering to the product concept of "excellence and consistency", the company takes the mission of "producing the most stable golden onion flash materials with the most stable quality, and striving to promote the wider application of golden onion flash materials".
Introducing the most advanced automated production equipment in the industry, training professional technology and sales team, combining with scientific management methods,
Continuously improve the stability of quality, timeliness of service and controllability of cost, so as to build the core competitiveness of enterprises.



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